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The Rising Seas:

A Global Challenge


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Shrimpers, scientists, coastal experts, alligators and more. 


This 15-minute documentary from the Carmelite NGO has it all.  An engaging visual experience, a valuable learning tool, the video is designed for students from middle school on up—and anyone interested in preserving the ground beneath our feet.  


The Rising Seas explores causes of and solutions for land loss and the global economic distress it can bring.


A Great Distance Learning Tool


The Rising Seas is ideal for science and other classes, and current events and enrichment instruction.


Who's In The Rising Seas?    

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Alisha Renfro, PhD., is a coastal scientist with Restore the Mississippi River Delta

Northshore High School students from teacher Sandra Blancher's Horticulture class.  

Chad and Angela Portier own the Faith Family Shrimp Co., Cocodrie, LA

Study Questions For Students And Teachers

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Feedback Questions From The Video


.  How much land is Louisiana losing each day to rising seas?


.  Explain the basic causes of land loss in this state and around the world?


.  What are the three methods to address land loss?


.  What are some of the ways land loss affects an area’s economy?  



Exploring Issues Through Discussion, Written Assignments


.  Look at the ways Louisiana is addressing land loss and give examples of each method.


.  Why is coastal land loss so important to everyone in the U.S.?


.  Look closely at how much oceans have risen over the past couple of decades.


.  What do scientists tell us about how much seas may rise in in the  decades to come if nothing is done?

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